Arcana Obscura

Artifacts and Antiquities

Malboro Goblet Ward 3, Plot 49

Shop Staff

The Owners:

Raine Endarin:

The Viscountess Raine Endarin, Lady of House Endarin. An archmage and collector of rare and valuable artifacts and antiques. Raine hails from the frozen region of Coerthas, where she is known among the Ishgardian upper crust.

Alkirin Lenoir'd:

A wealthy nobleman and artisan, and Raine's husband. Alkirin is known for the practice of so-called "advanced thaumaturgy," and for his rank as an officer in The Maelstrom. Like Raine, he was born in Ishgard, though he is less fond of the city than his wife.


Hyacinthus Kil'ndar

The resident Allagan expert and medical specialist. Hyacinthus is employed by the shop to explain and decipher various artifacts of Allagan origin that filter through the shop's doors.

Friends and Affiliates

Alaice Devereaux

One of Raine's childhood friends who turned to the mage to request assistance with her magical education. Alaice is an Ishgardian noble known for her slightly ice-aspected aether. She is often found at the shop visiting or assisting with minor tasks.

Shop Stock and Services

In addition to selling a variety of arcane artifacts and supplies, Arcana Obscura offers a number of arcane services for those looking for magical assistance or advice.

Arcane Supplies

From crystals to alchemical reagents, the shop sells everything a practicing mage could possibly need. Potions, pomanders, and a plethora of colorful items line the store's shelves.

Enchanted Weaponry

Need a flaming sword? An axe that freezes things on contact? A focus or magical conduit? This is the place for you. Arcane weaponry both antique and newly manufactured is available for sale.

Magical Antiques

Ancient journals discovered in tombs of mages long dead, the cursed goblet of a murdered king, or a legendary sword are just a few examples of the antiques available in the shop's collection. All are for sale to collectors of the eclectic, for the right price.

Shop Hours


Arcana Obscura is open weekly on Wednesdays from 9PM to 12AM EST, but don't worry if you can't make those times! If you would like to schedule a visit outside of regular shop hours, feel free to ping Raine, Alkirin, or Hyacinthus in-game and arrangements can be made.

Upcoming Events

In celebration of All Hallow's Eve--a time fit for magic and mayhem--the shop will be hosting a party to remember in our event space downstairs. Bring a mask and join the fun!

Who are we?

IC History

Arcana Obscura is the passion project of the Viscountess Raine Endarin. Owing to the end of the Dragonsong War and her relocation outside of Ishgard proper, the mage decided to put her knowledge of magical history and arcane antiques to profitable use. With the assistance of her husband and the funding of his considerable fortune behind her, a building was purchased and merchandise secured for a high-end boutique nestled in The Goblet's Brimming Heart.

Nearly a year later, the shop is flourishing. Paid adventurers bring in a constant influx of rare and unique treasures, and the Lady Endarin-- alsongside her staff--spends most of her days restoring and curating the items in her care.

OOC Information

AO was founded by Raine Endarin, Alkirin Lenoir'd and Hyacinthus Kil'ndar as a haven for ourselves and our friends. We're a laid back, friendly lot who loves to socialize, rp, and run content! We can be found on the Malboro Server of the Crystal Datacenter, and we're always welcoming new folks into the ranks. Come by and see us anytime!